Bring out the best in your team.

Building collaboration in the remote and hybrid work era is challenging. Through leadership development and team building experiences designed to improve empathy, we help your leaders and teams maximize their potential.


The most innovative companies across industries choose the Social Play Club.

Social Play Club brings employees closer.

We use non-competitive games designed to increase emotional intelligence and release judgment. 

Future Proof Your Business

Empathy, trust, and a new focus on wellbeing and culture building are the most important leadership skills in the new work era.  Don’t fall behind.  Social Play Club will help you build a healthier workplace environment and make sure your employees stick around.

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Our empathy focused sessions will help you:

The Surface UI Kit includes a collection of pages, components and sections that can be used across an unlimted amount of projects.

Retain Top Talent

More empathetic workplaces are proven to have less attrition

Improve Leadership EQ

Emotionally intelligent leaders drive better business outcomes by reducing conflict at work

Boost Productivity

The majority of employees claim they’d work harder if their office environment was more playful

Restore Connection and Community

Huge improvements in trust occur when employees participate in activities that help them become more thoughtful & connected

Engage Millennials and Gen Z

Fostering creativity at work is key to improving engagement scores of younger generations

Reduce Zoom Fatigue and Burnout

Our digital experiences remove the discomfort of being observed so you can just be yourself and stop staring at your screen

Customer love

What our clients are saying:

"Social Play Club’s audio immersive experience was such an energizing event for our Graduate EE Welcome Day and connected our prospective students and faculty in such a meaningful way!"
- Eliese Lissner
Columbia University
"The experience beautifully modeled how online experiences can be playful, collaborative, and build empathy. It was all a wonderful team-building experience and brought more fun back to virtual team calls!"
- Burning Man Project
“I’m usually a very reserved person, take a long time to formulate and share my opinions, and never want to say the wrong thing. When we played in our session, there was no thinking, no questioning, or right or wrong. There’s just joy - so must joy.”
- Belungile Belz
"It was refreshing to be in a digital space focused on play and empathy. We played games that required being present and listening to others in the room. By being brought into play, we found flow and synchronicity with people all over the world."
- Noelle Smithhart

Our Offerings

Show your employees you care about their well-being.

Team Building

Remote and in-person events to boost empathy, team work, and morale.

$49 /mo
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Empathetic Leadership Course

Virtual workshops to improve your leaders’ EQ and empathy to succeed in the new era of hybrid work.

$49 /mo
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Company Bonding Retreat

A great in-person or virtual reward for hard working teams to have fun and deepen connection.

$129 /mo
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